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Why Choose a Compound Pharmacy Over a Traditional One?

Why Choose a Compound Pharmacy Over a Traditional One?

Before, mass drug production has taken over the market. Prior to the 1940s, almost all medication prescriptions were compounded. Now, more and more medical professionals are prescribing compounded medications to individuals and pets alike for some valuable reasons.

Harry’s Pharmacy, your trusted compounding pharmacy in Ewing, New Jersey, hand-selected 4 benefits of compounding pharmacy over a traditional one.

  1. Allows access to discontinued medicines.
    When large manufacturers discontinue the production of certain medicines, they make it hard for patients who still need these medications to complete their prescriptions. With compounding pharmacies, these patients are provided access to discontinued medications by recreating pharmaceutical-based ingredients customized according to their needs.
  2. Makes medications easier to use.
    Compounding pharmaceutical services can custom-make the prescription with the patient’s flavor of choice! This is especially beneficial when dealing with patients who may refuse bitter-tasted medication like children, elderly patients, or even pets.
  3. Makes medications allergy-friendly.
    Commercially available medications may contain ingredients that cannot be tolerated by patients with allergies or sensitivities. With a compounding pharmacy, medications can be custom-made without the offensive ingredients.
  4. Allows alternative dosage forms.
    Some patients may want to take their medication in a liquid form rather than swallowing a pill. With a compounding pharmacy, medications can be done in various dosage forms depending on the best method of compliance for the patient.

Does your pet refuse that bitter-taste medication? Call us now, the experts in compounding in New Jersey! We do not only serve all age groups of human patients but also veterinarian patients.

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