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Pets compounded medications allow easy administration of medications to your pets.

pills for pets

At Harry’s Pharmacy, we know how dear your pets are to you. We know that you have already considered them as part of your family which is why you care for them just like any other family member, especially when they are sick.

It can be hard to administer medications to pets. Tablets may be too big that they can be difficult to swallow for your pets. To provide a solution in this situation, we provide pets compounded medications, formulating the prescribed medicines at a dosage that can be easily administered to your pets.

Your pets’ veterinarian is the right person to ask if compounding is right for your companion animals. We strongly recommend seeing the veterinarian first for certain medications for us to compound.

If you have inquiries, we’d love to talk to you. Please call 609-251-4500 or visit our location.