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Common Types of Compounding Formulas

Common Types of Compounding Formulas

A compounding pharmacy in Ewing, New Jersey is definitely popular with its nearby residents simply because it is a compounding pharmacy. Why? Compounding pharmacies offer patients the opportunity to receive customized prescriptions according to their specific needs.

Compounding pharmacies can offer various formulas that make taking medicine a lot easier both for adults and children. Here are the different types of compounding formulas worth knowing:

  • Rapid dissolve tablets.
    Some patients, especially the seniors, experience difficulty digesting regular medication. Good thing is that Rapid Dissolve Tablets (RDTs) exist! These tablets can dissolve easily when placed on top or under the tongue, making it favorable for those with swallowing or digesting problems.
  • Wound and scar creams.
    Commercialized topical creams have all the ingredients necessary for a regular wound to heal. However, there are times when these commercialized products include allergens. Compounding the cream will ensure that these allergens are removed.
  • Lozenges.
    A pharmacy doesn’t only refill prescriptions and provide pharmaceutical services. It can also be your go-to if you are looking for hard candy, soft chews, and gummies that can serve as a medicinal lozenge.

Harry’s Pharmacy is confident in our expertise in pharmaceutical and compounding in New Jersey. If you need to have your prescription compounded, talk to us! We will do our best to help you.

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