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Amazing Benefits of Compounding Medicine

Amazing Benefits of Compounding Medicine

Did you know that you are still able to acquire your meds even if they have been discontinued by the manufacturer? For medicines that are no longer commercially available, all you simply need to do is visit a compounding pharmacy in Ewing, New Jersey.

Aside from allowing access to discontinued meds, the pharmacist can also provide these surprising benefits:

  • They make medicine easier to use.
    Some medications are too bitter. If not bitter, they may be too hard or too big for the patients to take. With compounding, the prescription will become easier and more convenient to use, making patients who are children or of the elderly population no longer have any reason to refuse to take their meds.
  • They make it possible to alter the dosage form.
    It is well-known that pharmacists offer pharmaceutical services. However, pharmacists are also qualified to alter a patient’s dosage form. For example, if the patient cannot swallow the medication in pill form, the pharmacist can alter it into its liquid form.
  • They make medicine allergy-friendly.
    Do remember that some people are intolerant of lactose or gluten. There are also people who are allergic to certain substances. If the prescription contains any of these substances, then the patient will just suffer from allergies. A compounding pharmacist can formulate your prescription while removing these offensive substances.

Fun fact: Humans aren’t the only ones who can benefit from a pharmacist’s compounding services. In fact, animals can too. If you need compounding in New Jersey, then don’t hesitate to give us a call! Harry’s Pharmacy is here for you.

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